Quantitative LFA Rapid Detection System

Lateral Flow Assay Rapid Detection System

Camtech provides lateral flow assay rapid test kit to food and agriculture producers to detect mycotoxin such as Aflatoxin and Vomitoxin in edible oils and grains. Camtech also provides a portable lateral flow assay reader for quantitative testing of mycotoxin in laboratory or point-of-need detection to allow early detection of contamination in the supply chain. The kit and the reader is an ideal solution for rapid, user-friendly and quantitative detection of mycotoxin anytime anywhere. We also provide tests for customised targets.

Portable Lateral Flow Assay Reader benefits:

  • User friendly and easy to use interface.
  • Simple one step extraction.
  • Rechargeable battery is equipped. Easy to carry for field testing or in laboratory.
  • Unique calibration curve is provided in a tap card. Just a tap and you are calibrated. Say goodbye to standard calibration!
  • Able to read multiple single channel cassettes or multiple channels cassette at one time to save time.
  • Auto count down for quantitative result.
  • Instant data transmission via WIFI to data cloud, bluetooth or thumb drive.
  • Rapid quantitative results in just 10 minutes.

Speed and economic advantages


Camtech LFA Rapid
Detection System

Majority of other
LFA systems

Accuracy ± 20-30% ± 30-50% ± 20-30% Standard for benchmarking
Cost per test Cost-effective Cost-effective Cost-effective Expensive
Cost of equipment Cost-effective Cost-effective Medium price Expensive
Detection time 10 min 10 min 2-3 hour 3-4 hour
Throughput 45-60 tests in 3 hour 15-20 tests in 3 hour 30 tests in 3 hour <10 tests in 3 hour
Multiple tests in one run Yes No Yes No
User friendliness Simple procedure, technician can follow Simple procedure, technician can follow Multiple steps, skilled personnel required Multiple steps, skilled personnel required

Customised versions

The Rapid Detection System is available in customised versions for Aflatoxin B1, Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone detection. Other customisations are available on request.

Operation protocol

Using the standard operation protocol, quantitative results are attained in 10 minutes.

Product Specifications

Feature Information/Description
Size (L x W x H, mm) 300 x 110 x 155 (W x D x H, mm)
Weight 2.0 kg
User interface Touch screen and external button
Power supply 5 VDC power supply
Operating condition 10-30 degree Celsius (recommended)
Connections Ethernet and wifi for software updates
Rechargeable batteries 18000 mAh power bank (optional)
Memory capacity 64 Gb internal memory
Optical system 8MP SONY sensor, 6mm lens
Dimension of test format Single tray with up to three assay cassettes
Detection throughput Screen display and file save
Measurement calibration Loaded from NFC medium
Measurement time Less than 13 sec for 3 cassettes (TBC)
Interpretation of data Expressed as ppb within predetermined ranges (100 ppb-2800 ppb for DON)
Storage of data Internally stored
Transmission of data Via external USB

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