The Camtech Group is an ecosystem of innovative businesses active in rapid health diagnostics, food safety, laboratory testing, manufacturing, digital health and technology incubation.
Our Mission is to offer the most advanced and reliable diagnostic and health testing solutions, and have already brought to market several healthcare and biotechnology innovations.
Founded in 2009 in Cambridge (UK), we operate in the UK, Singapore, Southeast Asia, China and the US.
Our research team has extensive experience in R&D and is passionate about bringing cutting edge innovation to diagnostic testing in order to achieve ideal health, vitality and wellbeing.

Camtech Diagnostics

Product development, R&D and manufacturing of point-of-care test kits in the clinical, food safety and biodefence diagnostics area.

Camtech Laboratory

Diagnostic Testing Services for private patients and corporates and Clinical Research Services. The lab offers testing services for infectious diseases, such as COVID-19 as well as genetic testing and sequencing for human health testing.

Camtech Health

E-commerce marketplace for Health and Wellness related rapid test kits and test packages

Camtech Health App

A companion Digital Health App for rapid testing, test result management and analysis.

COVID-19 Testing

Our in-house manufactured COVID-19 rapid test kit and related products.

3-MCPD/GE Rapid Test kit

Our unique 3MCPD/GE rapid test kit. See the website for further information and ordering.