Camthrax biodefense

Reliable results now

Know what you are dealing with and know now. Detect 3,000 Bacillus spores (e.g. Anthrax, Thuringiensis, Tetanus, Clostridium) from hoax substances such as flour, baking powder, talcum powder or dust in 99% of scenarios.

Forget wet chemistry

Camthrax’s optical technology eliminates complicated sample preparation. No mixing or glove-unfriendly preparations.

Think one-button simple

The device is simple and easy to use with one-button simplicity. Press the button. Read the LCD display. Make an informed decision. That’s all there is to it. No interpretation required. No room for ambiguity.

Because you never know what you will find at the scene

The device’s versatility takes the guesswork out of preparation by allowing you to quickly quantify samples in powder form, including powders, smears and spills.

Key applications Principal users Camthrax device advantages
Biohazard detection First responders Clear results in minutes. No interpretation required
Suspicious powder analysis Fire departments As portable, robust and easy to use as a flashlight
Decontamination testing Police departments No sample is consumed, contaminated or destroyed
Biohazard detection HazMat teams No wet chemistry. No sample prep
Building and facilities safety Airport security Biohazard detection
Port security Fully re-usable. Test multiple samples without delay
Postal services Tests spilled powder samples
Building/facilities owners and managers
Military/ Defense teams

Clear multiple targets with ease

The device’s push-button simplicity and instant reusability mean you can rapidly move through sites and clear multiple targets, minimising costly lockdown times and your time on site.

Because the frontline can be rough

Camthrax is battery powered, lightweight and fully integrated in one small handheld unit, so you can take it where it needs to go. A glove and chemical-suit friendly design means you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Performance you can rely on

Because lives depend on your work, we know you need more than our word. You need proof. That’s why we’ve had our technology independently tested. That’s why we’re making production detectors available to the testing labs you trust.

Easy to use: One-button simple

Step 1. A potential bacterial spore threat is reported. The threat may be any unidentified powder material.

Step 2. The first responder locates the unidentified sample and submits it to the Camthrax device.

Step 3. The first responder presses the Camthrax device’s analyse button.

Step 4. Within minutes, the first responder reads the display. Clear yes or no to bacterial spores is presented. No interpretation is necessary.

Step 5. The first responder makes an informed decision on how to proceed. The Camthrax device is ready for immediate reuse.