Precision Agriculture

Aquafarm is a remote management tool for aquaculture farmers, which uses wireless sensors to help maintain optimal water quality for their stocks. With Aquafarm sensors the operation managers can monitor the water quality on a live dashboard from anywhere and also review historical graphs of measurements from the past. This way they can avoid damages caused by sudden changes in water quality and prevent diseases spreading by receiving early alerts. With remote monitoring and wireless communication, a large size aquaculture area, such as extensive and semi intensive farms can be covered. By having live sensors throughout the operation, significant amount of labor costs can be saved, but more importantly, farm operators can rapidly intervene, when water quality deterioration is detected, resultnng higher yield rate per hectare due to the prevention of stock loss. This remote measurement platform can be modified to monitor other water modalities to be used in:

  • Waste water management
  • Reservoir surveillance
  • Sea water quality monitoring