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Driving Innovation together

We work with our partners to create and bring to reality innovative, outstanding products. Our innovation and business knowledge gives you a sustainable edge, reducing business risk and accelerating the go to market process. All our efforts are focused on finding the most rapid and efficient route from the science laboratory to the market. We specialise in
  • Food Safety & Security
  • Microfluidics
  • Healthcare and Clinical Diagnostics
  • Lateral Flow Assay Development
  • Advanced Genetic testing
We are able to capitalise on global market opportunities, bringing forward exciting innovations through a broad range of strong partnerships.

We are excited to work with you to create the revolution in the life sciences, transforming the way we approach our food, our medicine and our health.


We develop new methods, sensors in food safety, point-of-care diagnostics, nutrition.


We work together with startups, corporates and governments to enable them to harness new technologies.


We bring novel products to market through our sales channels globally.