Cell Culture: A market research on cell culture automation technology 2018

Cell Culture: A market research on cell culture automation technology 2018

Neither manual and automated solutions are serving the current needs:

  • Cell therapy, and cell culturing in general, is an extremely labour intensive and suffers from low productivity. The lack of well defined standards make the reproducibility of the experiments questionable. The appropriate training of the workforce is lengthy and unreliable.
  • The cost and complexity of fully automated systems can be barriers for researchers used to manual cell culturing. Ready-to-go systems cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, are not always “ready-to-go,” partially because of the time needed to learn programming the machine. 

A new market is emerging for automated cell culture systems to perform experiments and standardize the protocols so it can be repeated easily anywhere. This is important not just for production, but the R&D market as well. Conservatively estimated the total prevalence of irreproducible preclinical research to exceed 50% with a cost of $28 billion per year in the United States alone.


Lab automation

The global lab automation market is expected to reach US$5.20Bn by 2022 from US$4.06Bn in 2017, at a CAGR of 5.1%. (~1/4th of the total cell culture market) - Link, LinkFactors such as process miniaturization, high demand for lab automation equipment in drug discovery and clinical diagnostics, higher reproducibility and accuracy, and large workforce demand and supply gap are likely to drive the growth of this market.

A new market segment

The active, successful companies in this space have been under strong pressure in recent years and had time to perfect the technology (high proprietary knowledge). High initial capital and R&D costs, long testing/development phase is needed to sort out necessary tweaks, maintenance schedule, user grievances.  Lack of knowledge about advanced techniques and difficulties in hiring skilled workforce hampers the expected growth of these industries.

Report contents:

  • Landscape and activity
  • Market need
  • Key drivers: main issues with current cell culture methodology
  • Inflection points: What makes customers tick?
  • Projection of market size and development
  • Market segmentation 
  • Barriers to entry 

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