Why microfluidics? 

Microfluidics makes it possible to design systems in which low volumes of fluids are processed to achieve multiplexing, automation, and high-throughput screening. Volumes are small, typically in the μL, nL, pL range. In some applications, external actuation is used for a directed transport of the media. The flow direction can be determined by on-chip fluid control or the use of microvalves. Many processes, normally carried out in a lab, can be miniaturised on a single chip in order to achieve automation as well as reducing sample and reagent volumes.

  • Precise liquid measurements on custom designed configurations
  • Affordable disposable chip technology
  • Applicable for colorimetric, fluorescent or UV-based sensors

Camtech microfluidic biosensors 

Our microfluidic biosensors offer various sensing platforms for point of care diagnostic tests, and can be reliably integrated with microfluidic functions on a single chip to provide the following benefits: 

  • Multiplexed testing
  • Low cost 
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Real time results
  • Smaller volumes of reagent required
  • Detection or monitoring of viable cells

Your partner in microfluidics 

Our experienced engineering team has deep multidisciplinary expertise in optical sensing, mechanical, electrical and software engineering as well as prototyping and scale up manufacturing. Camtech has a strong track record in the development of optical detection systems for biological/biomedical applications. Today, we have a comprehensive suite of various electrochemical and optical biosensors for biomolecule detection, pre-built microfluidic component libraries available, and the engineering knowhow to build powerful and innovative systems for diagnostic and biotech applications.

Dedicated R&D and manufacturing facilities for microfluidics

If you need a partner to manufacture custom microfluidic chips, we offer fast turnaround times, competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.

  • Class 7 Cleanroom
  • Injection Molding 
  • Thermal and Laser Bonding

Our services

Design and prototyping of microfluidics devices High precision, high volume manufacturing of medical devices Design & manufacturing of medical devices
2-D and/or 3-D design of the structures in the device Simulation of the production processes Our company is certified for quality management system
Simulation of the fluid mechanism inside the microstructure Validation of the process and preparation of the production Quick turn around design and prototyping for microfluidics devices
Feasibility study of the various fabrication methods Small batch of production, process parameter optimization and finalization Partnered with manufacturers for high precision,  high volume manufacturing of medical devices
Quick turn around prototyping Large volume of production In-vitro diagnostic reagent for molecular diagnostics
High precision laser machining or hot-embossing plus bonding (lamination, thermal, adhesive, laser) Supply chain management Laboratory research & testing services

Examples of Camtech optical diagnostic devices and systems:

Camthrax Biothreat DetectorCamprep Diagnostic Technology Workstation, Clarity™ digital PCR system, Microdroplet Generation System