Environmental Monitoring Platform

Camtech Environmental Monitoring Platform (CEMP)

CEMP is designed to help you understand environmental trends, identify any variations, and confirming whether or not environmental goals have been met. It is a versatile hardware and software solution for data collection, visualisation and event notification.

Monitoring and probe examples

Depending on the connected probes, various chemical, biological and  microbiological parameters can be monitored in air, soil or liquid environment. Presence of oxygen, nutrients, oils, pesticides, metals, bacteria as well as physical conditions such as flow, temperature, transparency, water level etc can be measured. 

Realtime notification

You can set limits for the environment parameters to get notified if any parameter is out of range. We support email, sms, push notification, or API connectivity through our cloud service. Threshold values and notification rules can be configured to match any use case.

Modular architecture

Components of the monitoring platform:

  • Battery operated Sensor nodes with sensor probes attached to them
  • Internet connected Gateway 
  • Cloud server
  • Mobile dashboard with administrative web application and notification service

The wireless MESH networked devices provide reliable data transmission even in harsh environments. With this architecture, a large size industrial, urban or agriculture area, such as extensive and semi intensive farms can be monitored. The data transmission can happen at every 1-60 minutes to the gateways. The low power consumption makes it possible to keep the sensor nodes alive for 3 years.

Easy to use

The sensor node’s firmware can be updated over-the-air (OTA). The nodes are also equipped with a probe calibration function. One button installation reduces your deployment and operation costs. Devices automatically notify you before calibration is needed or the battery is nearly depleted.  

Application examples

Precision agriculture to provide optimal conditions for any production type. By having live sensors throughout the operation, significant amount of labor costs can be saved, but more importantly, operators can rapidly intervene, when environment quality deterioration is detected, resulting higher yield rate due to the prevention of stock loss. 

Water quality change predictions can warn you for upcoming anomalies before they happen based on environmental data (weather reports, weather forecast, nearby environmental monitoring devices’ aggregated data). 

Controlling actuator hardware can help you react on some types of environment quality issues. For example bad pH levels can automatically trigger an electronic dispenser which releases pH regulator additives into tanks, therefore saving labor costs and ensuring precise dosage.

Traceability of meat, poultry and fish products can be easily implemented with our system. We can provide QR code-based access to each production batch, where third parties can see, whether their particular livestock grew in a healthy environment during their whole life.   

Gateway specifications:

Embedded mini computers with MESH network configuration. Connected to the internet through 2G/3G mobile network or ethernet cable. 

  • AES128 bit encrypted communication between the gateway and the node
  • 2.4Ghz wireless network
  • Data reception range: max 4.5 km line of sight between any MESH network nodes
  • Max hopping for mesh @ 5 hops
  • Customized error handling by retries and acknowledgement messages from gateway

Sensor node specifications:

Reads analog signal from probes.

  • Conversion from Analog to Digital
  • Initial calculation of data based on calibration
  • Data Cyclic Redundant Check
  • Data AES128 encryption
  • Send data to gateway by remote procedure call


Due to our flexible architecture, several types of air, water, soil probe types can be integrated.

Please contact us to find the best environmental monitoring solution for your needs. We are the right partner for rapid design, prototyping, testing and manufacture of your custom monitoring architecture.