3-MCPD & GE Rapid Quantification Kit


Background - The Problem

Glycidol and its esters (GE) and 3-chloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) are foodborne contaminants that can be formed during the processing of various fatty acid rich foodstuffs. Due to the inherent risk posed by 3-MCPD and GE, regulatory bodies and current industry roadmaps aim to reduce the levels of 3-MCPD below 2 ppm and GE below 1ppm by September 2019. 


Dose dependent Health Risks (3-MCPD and GE)

  • Progressive Nephrotoxicity
  • Lowers male fertility
  • Carcinogenic Potential

Amongst foodstuffs, edible oils, specifically, refined palm oil contains the highest levels of 3-MCPD and GE.

Class Foods 3-MCPD (mg/kg) GE (mg/kg)
  Refined palm oil 1.1-10.0 0.30-10
  Refined coconut oil 1.4-1.7 n.a
  Refined hazelnut/walnut oil 1.2-19.0 0.5-1.4
  Refined olive oil <0.3-2.5 n.a


Our Solution: The Camtech Rapid Quantification Kit


Rapid Test Kit for Screening 3-Chloropropane-1,2-Diol (3-MCPD) and Glycidol Ester (GE) in Refined Cooking Oil

This rapid assay kit includes a colorimetric assay that quantifies levels of 3-MCPD and Total (3-MCPD + GE) in Edible oils. A major source of 3-MCPD fatty acid esters in consumer food products. Independent levels of GE are then also determined via a simple calculations. The rapid test kit requires only 50 hours per test batch (4 samples) from sample preparation to result at an approximate cost of ~$50 per sample. In comparison, standard GC-MS analysis services can cost around $300 per sample with a turnaround time of 2-7 days.



  • Quantification of 3-MCPD and GE in Edible oils
  • Can detect free 3-MCPD + GE and their esters
  • Simple sample preparation
  • Fast turnaround (<13 min/sample)
  • LOQ (0.1 ppm)
  • Ideal for batch screening and process monitoring
  • Cost-effective alternative ($50/sample) vs GCMS ($300)
  • Colorimetric response in visible range
  • Online calculator for instant results
  • Expert technical support available for new customers
  • Under accreditation process with AOCS



Figure 1: 3-MCPD and GE values in Palm oil samples.

The Camtech Rapid Quantification Kit is compared to AOCS method Cd 29c-13 (n=3). Kit lower limit of quantification (LOQ) = 0.1 ppm. Statistical analysis performed using a one-way ANOVA using Tukey’s posthoc correction (ns= non significant).


Figure 2: Rapid test kit correlation with GC-MS methodology

Our data shows superb correlation (>98%) with the current GC-MS methodology. No significant difference in the PPM values for 3-MCPD and GE, when comparing the Kit (n=3) to the AOCS GC-MC based method (n=3). Variation is comparable to GCMS. Further internal evaluation is underway to provide a robust data set across a wide range of oils. Undergoing AOCS accreditation


Kit components:

Each kit is sufficient for 50 assays.


Chemicals provided

  • Solvent: (100 ml)
  • Reagent 1 (300 ml) 
  • Reagent 2: (130 ml)
  • Reagent A: (25 ml)
  • Reagent B: (25 ml) Store at 4°C
  • Reagent C: (50 ml) Store at 4°C
  • Disposables provided on request
  • 15/50 ml centrifuge tubes (100 pcs.)


Equipment required but not provided

  • 2.5, 100 to 1000 μl pipettes with tips
  • Vortex 
  • Oven/ water bath at 37 °C 
  • Boiling water bath/kettle 
  • Centrifuge (15 ml tubes | 4000 rpm) 
  • Spectrophotometer/ colorimeter (min 0.01 resolution)


Precautions and disclaimer

This product is for lab use only, not for drug production, household, or other uses. Please read the MSDS before using the kit.


Storage conditions and shelf life

Items marked 4°C must be stored in a refrigerator. Place other components at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Kit is valid for 3 months from date of shipping. 


Tested & Compatible Oils:

  • Palm oil and its fractions
  • Stearin
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Soybean oil 
  • Rice bran oil 
  • Canola oil 
  • Mixed vegetable fats 
  • Margarine fat 
  • Baking and confectionery fat


Contact for enquiries

We are looking to expand out range of tested oils and would be happy to collaborate.

Dr Wollis Vas +44 750 1712 559