Microencapsulation Technology

Microencapsulation is the process of encapsulating the internal core material with an outer phase material through a number of advanced techniques. This technology is implemented by the manufacturers for the encapsulation of high value bioactives, minerals, vitamins, flavours, antimicrobials, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and essential oils. Microencapsulation offers a number of benefits such as extending the shelf-life of products preventing their evaporation, masking the odor and taste, effective protection of the active ingredient against enzymatic degradation, targeted delivery and finally preventing oxidation of flavours and essential oils. 

Custom Microencapsulation Services

Camtech has expertise in developing novel formulations as well as the production of highly monodisperse beads using microemulsions and spray-drying techniques. By using these techniques precise control over particle size, shape and architecture have been used achieve an efficient target delivery. 

Optical Images of monodisperse microencapsulated beads 

SEM Image of microencapsulated 

spray-dried powders

Potential application

Functional food and beverage segments are rapidly growing and dominating due to the recent rise in health awareness among consumers. The dietary supplement segment is also expected to have stable growth during the forecast period, supported by increase in the geriatric population in different countries.

Microencapsulated bioactive ingredients can be incorporated as a functional ingredient  in

  • Functional Beverages such as nut drinks, smoothies, chocolate and coconut water drinks, fruit juices and vitamin drinks,
  • Functional Food, Dietary Supplements such as protein bars, oils, honey, milled flaxseed with bio cultures, vitamins superfoods and herbs.


Specific design and delivery system have also been tailored keeping the final product and application in mind. Highly monodisperse microbeads encapsulating PrelivaⓇ, a polyphenol based prebiotic that is a clinically proven active ingredient have been produced.

Polyphenols have great interest in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries due to their potential health benefits. PrelivaⓇ thickens the mucus layer, which forms the protective barrier over the cells that line the digestive tract and relieves the symptoms of digestive distress. It also stimulates the good bacteria to send signaling molecules to nearby goblet cells causing them to release stored mucus within minutes and begin making more mucus for later release. 

Although PrelivaⓇ is known to transit and survive the harsh environment of the stomach, the function of PrelivaⓇ has to be carried out in the intestine. Hence the stability, bioactivity and the bioavailability has to be preserved therefore PrelivaⓇ has been microencapsulated.

The microencapsulated products are incorporated both in capsules and in beverages such as Nuhoney.