Why Camtech?

Because we connect people, science and business.

The design, innovation and technology scouting arm of Camtech, it also offers advisory and technology/ business consultancy services on various aspects of technology commercialisation, market and investment strategy.

Provides state of the art molecular diagnostic and next generation sequencing based laboratory services to hospitals and research organisations, as well the supply of equipment, reagents and test kits to hospitals.

Provides custom research, product development and scale up manufacturing services to the biodefense, food safety, research and clinical diagnostics sectors for the commercialisation of novel point of care diagnostics tests.

Camtech is an ecosystem of innovative companies. We are here to solve your innovation challenges. Whether you need product design, research, development or commercialisation, we are happy to take the challenge.


We work with our partners to create breakthroughs products or services in their markets. When you work with us, we combine commercial and market knowledge with technical knowhow to create a sustainable advantage in the market for you.


Our job is transforming your business and products for the future. We rethink your vision, understand how your market works, and find innovative technologies to shift gears.

Our team includes scientists, software experts, engineers, marketing and product development experts. While thinking up new ideas is an important step, businesses have a much greater task in turning that into an actual product or service that will benefit customers.


Disruptive changes don’t happen by accident. We combine science and research, creative design and customer input to build new products and services. Our feasibility analysis tells you what’s possible, and helps you decrease the risk in time to market.